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Boy Scouts of America Do Your Best!


Welcome to Cub Scouting at Pathways Church!

Pathways Church is a Unitarian Universalist congregation in Hurst, Texas that invites boys and girls from Kindergarten to 4th grade to join Cub Scouts! The foundation of any Unitarian Universalist congregation is to welcome any and all who wish to participate. That means that any boy or girl can join the Cub Scout pack, with no regard to their race, gender, gender identity, nationality, citizenship, sexual preference, color, religion, or special needs.

For more information about non-discrimination in Pack 1013, click here: “Duty to God” in Pack 1013.

Cub Scouting is fun! No matter what grade you are in, Kindergarten through fourth, it can be a blast! Do you like to learn by doing? This is just the place. You can learn to tie knots, set up a tent, or shoot a bow and arrow (archery). Have you ever cooked a meal on a campfire? Sent a secret code to a buddy? Built a birdhouse? Hiked? Are you excited about STEM? Earn awards for all these adventures in Cub Scouts!

Come join in the fun! Also check us out on Facebook!

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